For more information please fill out our contact form or call Dr.Raheem Ali Gardner at 
    For more information please fill out our contact form or call Dr.Raheem Ali Gardner at 706-615-6414


 Dr. Raheem Ali Gardner specializes in maladaptive behaviors and works closely with children with ADD/ADHD disorders. Dr. Gardner is in partnership with the Columbus Police Department  and has trained many from the Muscogee County Sheriff Department.  Dr. Gardner has also trained 36 members from the Dept of Homeland Security in the state of Georgia,  identified relations with the AJ McClung YMCA, Fourth Street Baptist Church training 3 to 4 year olds, assisted with the training of the Hardaway High School Wrestling Team, partnered with the Columbus Parks & Recreation for seven years, and worked with Girls Incorporated for seven years. 

**Columbus Karate Academy welcomes Vanessa Youngblood as our newest Zumba instructor!!** 

ZUMBA classes are on Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm at the 1167 Henry Avenue location in Columbus.

    Catina Gardner was born in 1982 in Fort Stewart, Georgia as a military brat. Catina is known for her nice vocals and dancing skills. Throughout school she was a cheerleader and ran track. After completion of high school she joined the US Army in 2000. Catina is a proud mother of three children and has been married for four years. After having three children, Catina hit a max weight of 232lbs in 2010 and knew she had to do something about it if she continued to stay in the Army. Her husband, Nathaniel Gardner, said to her one day "You should really think about going to the gym if you really want to lose the weight." That hit home to Catina and she decided to join the gym. In January 2011, she joined the YMCA and attended a Zumba class for the first time and since then has lost over 50lbs! Zumba Fitness has helped Catina to gain confidence and showed her how to really love herself for who she is and not for what she looks like. She is now a Certified Zumba and Physical Fitness Instructor. Never in a million years did she think she would teach or train other individuals on how to lose weight, but she teaches from experience. Catina is ready to help you achieve your goals and promote health and fitness through vigorous workouts and constant motivation while still maintaining a safe, positive, and fun atmosphere. She believes that optimism is the key element in overcoming life's obstacles and no matter the difficulty, in order to get to the other side, one must take the next step and bounce back. 

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